6” and 4” on one table saw?


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I’m sure I’m not the only one who has found that searching for 5” fitting is like searching for a Cabbage Patch Kid in December of 1983. I’m wondering if I can just go with the much more common 6” dust port in the body of my table saw, coupled with a 4” over blade guard? I’m running a 6” main with 6” drops to machines.


Thanks. Just been interested and reading about it for a long time.

That is a good port but spendy of course. There are speaker ports that have the proper flare, harder to find in bigger sizes of course, that are much less to buy. I don't know how durable they are though but for the price they might be worth a try.

There are videos on how to make them from S&D PVC drain pipe by heating and pushing them over a form. The Aussie Woodwork forum has discussions about it.



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It’s amazing how compartmentalized thinking can become. I have ordered components from parts express for other projects related to a tube amp and speaker cabinet...never thought about speaker ports being so well suited to moving dust filled air as well!


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I've made 6" dust ports for my table saw and other tools using an 8" square piece of 3/4" plywood and half of a 6" PVC coupling (sawn down to 1/2 length and fitted into a hole in the plywood) and glued in place with Gorilla Glue. Just cost a few bucks. And yes, you can split your 6" main duct to a 6" for the saw cabinet and 4" for the overhead guard (I have a Shark Guard for my saw).
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