Connecting 8" flex hose to filter stack


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I have the CV1800 with the straight exhaust. I had originally intended to vent outside, but decided against that and bought the filter stack and transition kit, which consists of 5' of 8" flex hose to connect the exhaust to the filter stack.
I am having a very difficult time attaching the 8" flex hose to the metal flanges of the exhaust and the filter stack. Anyone know any tricks to make this easier?
Appreciate any advice - thanks.


Perhaps share how you did it in case someone else has the same issue and comes across this thread.



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Pete, I wish I had a trick to share, but I dont. It was a whole lot of grunting and "choice words" and chewed up fingertips. That 8" flex hose is a TIGHT fit on the flanges of the CV1800 exhaust and the filter stack, and those metal flanges are quite sharp.

It occurs to me now that I might have tried lightly heating the terminal edges of the flex hose--that might have made it slightly more flexible and easier to slip over those flanges. (Of course this would occur to me AFTER the job is done... )