Filters & Outdoor Venting


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I've recently purchased a CV06 and have it coupled up to a Twin motor Record DX4000 ( twin 1100rpm motors). I've built a motor cover to allow venting of the motor exhaust outside. So in theory any duct not captured by the CV06 is exhausted outside the shop.

In this case what filters make sense. The Record comes with a dust bag, filters ( though i'm not sure what spec) and paper bags over the filters.

My thinking is that with the CV06 and exhausting outdoor I might not need so many filter layers.



The only thing to consider is whether the Record uses the filtered air to cool the motor. If the cooling air is drawn from the room then it wouldn't mater. If the suction air also cools the motor, as many shop vacs do, you will want to at least have the minimum recommended filters to keep the motor air clean.



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Many thanks.

but doesn’t the cv06 remove 99.?% of all the materials. I thought that was the point of the clever design. That said I can see the practical point of protecting the motors