Fine Dust everywhere. '

allen b

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I started using my Clearvue (cv1700 I think) in 2007 and after filling my dust barrel and filters a couple times last year, I took the filters out to get them a good cleaning. Inside the filters it was a good "cake of dust" and I could not even see the filter paper or most of the inside mesh. Wynn Filter stack. After cleaning them as suggested here on the forum with a couple leaf blowers, I ordered some new ones from Wynn and put the old ones back on until I could figure where the dust was coming from. I used it a lot this past winter and there was a layer of fine dust all over the cyclone and the 6" pvc ductwork running around my two car garage. I have the filter stack and the impeller housing and motor enclosed in a cabinet with soundproofing and the cyclone hanging out so I can see it is working. This dropped the sound level in the garage from 90 db to just under 80db.
When I put the old filters back on, the motor ran better because there was obviously less pressure needed to push the air out through clean filters. Because of the build up in the filters, I knew there was a leak somewhere and I used an incense candle to check all the joints from the dust barrel up to the bottom of the impeller housing. There was a small leak in the barrel where the gasket in the lid was dirty and I cleand that, and then there was a very small leak through the clamp where the hose from the top of the barrel went about 4 feet up to the bottom of the cyclone. These two leaks did not seem like enought to fill the filters with dust. When I removed the filters to clean them, the foam sound proofing in that section of the cabinet did not show any dust, but when i opened the section of the cabinet around the impeller, there was about a quarter inch of dust on top the impeller housing and under the motor. One of the bolts on the top of the impeller houseing had vibrated about halfway out and was loose. Not sure why the bolt vibrated loose, but I will tighten it and all the others and check for draft.
Anyone have any other ideas where the dust may be coming from? Does anyone ground their duct work if it is pvc? I am wondering if static electricity is attacting any fine dust which escapes to the non metal cyclone and duct work?