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Hi Clear Vue Cyclone owners,

We have a shop is in a retirement community and are considering buying a CV1800. There are offices directly above the shop so the noise level is key.

I built a Bill Pentz cyclone in 2002, so have some understanding of the issues but I need more data. (My son is now using the cyclone.)

To get an understanding of the noise levels I would first like to get noise readings with the CV1800 cyclone installed in a corner with no enclosure. It would be most useful if the filter were mounted vertically in the standard configuration. It seems to be common to make the noise measurement about 10 feet from the system. The ceiling in our shop is about 10 feet high.

It would be interesting to hear if people have measured different noise levels depending on the particular circumstances.

I have read the thread by John Samuel on the use of insulated air conditioning tubing to further reduce noise. Analyzing that will be my next step. (In fact, I used this technique successfully upon Bill's recommendation on the Bill Pentz cyclone in my old shop.)




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CV1800 Measured Noise Levels

CV1800 Measured Noise Levels

Hello Dale,

I finally got around to measuring the noise levels of my CV1800. This may give you some baseline to work with.

My system is mounted in an equipment closet I built in the corner of my shop. The walls are well insulated with mineral wool and the walls are sheetrocked, inside and out. I have a solid wood door on the closet. My system is configured in the standard way with stacked filters.

For measurement, I used my trusty old Radio Shack #33-2050 Sound Level Meter. The ceiling in my shop is a bit over 10' tall and I took measurements at my table saw which is 15' from the closet door. There is a bottom of door gap of 1" to the concrete floor of the shop.

I have attached a txt file that was exported from Excel that contains the results. Sorry about the loss of formatting but I hope you can make sense of it. I took measurements using both db A & db C.

Measurements were taken with the closet door open and closed and with one port open or all closed. Closing all ports (blast gates) makes results in a very noticeable reduction in noise, but of course, you are not really using the system when the ports are closed. The most significant finding is that closing the closet door makes a nine or ten db difference so it clearly indicates the value of enclosing your system.

As others have frequently noted, if you can exhaust to the outdoors that also makes a huge difference. In my case, that was not a realistic option.


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Can these units be installed outside the shop if exhausting outside as well?
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