PVC measurement


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I'm doing a home project and need some help. I'm using 2, 2 by 8 inch PVC pipes. I need another PVC or abs pipe to be the length of 3 inches but I need it cut in half length wise so both of the ends will cup around the 2 inch by 8 inch PVC pipe. What size PVC, or abs pipe do I need to achieve this? I'm making a homemade resistance wrist roller. I'm using a 3 by 3 repair pipe clamp and the pipes I mentioned earlier. I'm webbing the 3 inch pipe I need cut in half length wise, laying it in the pipe clamp and putting on the handles. I got everything down except the 3 inch pipe cut in half length wise. Again, what 3 inch in length pipe size would I need to have in cup around the 2 inch by 8 inch pipe? Hope I explained this well enough.