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I am working on an install and deciding wether to put the filters in the attic where the cyclone is or down in the shop. Two things impacting my decision. First if I put the filters in the attic I have to install them side by side. Not a huge problem but some additional fabrication. However want to know how often do you typically clean the filters and empty the clean out box. While access to the attic is not hugely difficult it's a big inconvenience if I should clean the filters often. Also how do you clean the filters. i assume compressed air. If it matters I have the nano filters




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The frequency of filter cleaning is directly related to how much dust collecting activity you have. If you are a typical woodworker that spends 8-10 hours in his shop and you collect from all of your power tools (including a planer, jointer, table saw and bandsaw), then you probably will collect dust about 1/3 of that time. If you do lots of thickness planing for a big project, then the cyclone will be on more often to collect coarse shavings and minimal fine dust; if you have a drum sander and use it frequently, you will have more fine dust. All said, I'd estimate a filter cleaning about every 10-12 bins full -- probably every 3-4 months.

Another factor in locating the filter unit is return air to the shop. If you discharge all of the cyclone air to the attic, then if it is cold or hot outside, you will be drawing unconditioned air into your shop adding a cooling or re-heating load. If it were me and I had the space, I'd install the filters in the shop area.


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thanks. I can probably get them in the garage although i dont have heating in the garage or cooling in the space above the garage. That frequency is not that bad.
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Cleaning filter is necessary as it makes your task easier. It is recommended that you need to clean it once in a month. It is depend on the location of your filter as well.