Dust getting into my filters


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My clearvue is still new to me and I believe I have it set up properly. I'm using a 35 gal. trash can for the dust with an automotive rubber seal at the top of the trash can lid to gaurantee an air tight seal for vacuum. I have probably filled my can 4 or 5 times, so it was working to my expectations..........or better.
Now here's the deal.
I was planning several board feet of soft maple and didn't check the can soon enough. I opened the door to my clearvue closet and I had shavings up into the funnel. Needless to say, I also had shavings in my filter. After cleaning out the filters and cuss'n myself, I tried planning again. My cyclone sounded quieter. I pulled my filters again and they were full (read plugged) of shavings. I have no idea as to the why for the second plug unless it was trapped up high from the previous overflow.

I knocked the plug out onto the floor and cleaned filters again.
Now here's the question: I used a flex hose to suck the chips up off the floor and into the dust collector. Is there the chance that I could have sucked up dust/chips to fast that they would not fall into the trash can????? The bottom of my cyclone was trying to plug off at the very bottom of the cyclone before dropping into the can. Or do I have another problem that I do not see????
I may be premature with this question but I will not have the oportunity for the next couple of weeks to get out to my shop to see if everything is back to normal. Maybe someone has an answer in that time.
Sorry about the slanted print. My fat fingers hit 2 or more keys....and I have no idea as to how to straighten the letters.
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It is quite likely that you did overload your cyclone with a slug of sawdust and chips that just bypassed good separation. A cyclone relies on a suspension of chips/dust and the drop in velocity when the airflow enters the intake ramp. Gravity (and momentum) takes over and the chips fall in a spiral to the bin. With too big a slug, the air trying to get to the blower inlet takes chips and dust with it since there is poor separation. Another possible cause is failure to reseal your bin when you put the lid back on.

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Rob.......thanks for the tip on changing the italics.
Yes, my can lid cover was in place with a tight seal. It must have been a slug like you said............and I hope so. Like I said, it will be a couple of weeks before I can give it a good test.
Thanks for the input..........and the computer class. :)


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With 18 amps I get 205 watts dissipation which is close enough. The number should change a little depending on which blast gate you open. I think a 50 to 100 CFM bathroom fan would move enough air to keep the motor cool. You could mount it high on the wall inside the closet and vent it thru the wall. Usually they use a short length of plastic hose ( like a dryer vent hose) which should keep the bathroom fan noise down.