Need Detroit area source for 6"


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I just spent 2 hours on the phone calling every plumbing and landscaping supply house in the area. One would think that in a large metropolitan area that someone would have ASTM 2729 but everyone acts like they have never heard of it.

Many online have stated that they got it from the John Deer Landscaping chain, but they don't seem to carry it around here.



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I got essentially the same glassy eyed stares from most of the plumbing houses here as well. You may have to call them back and ask about SDR-35, which has essentially the same specs. Of most importance is the OD, which is the same. Somewhere in here Ed provided a link to a Crestline page that contained the specs. As its been more than 100 days ago (and VBulletin only displays the last 100 days unless you tell it otherwise), try either expanding the display time or simply searching for something like "pipe spec" and see what you get. If you still can't find it, holler and I'm sure one of us will hunt up the link for you.


Jim O'Dell

That is a common problem. Ask for thin wall non pressure drain pipe. Then when they say yes, have them look at the pipe and they will see the 2729 stamped on it.:D That is literally what I did here. I had to go out in the yard, find the pipe, and then show it to them. They had about 120 pieces on a pallet!! They still insist that they don't have fittings for it, but if they'd let me in their warehouse, I bet I could find them! Jim.


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Not exactly Detroit, but here is what I found

Comfort Enterprises, Tecumseh MI: 2729 $2.22 ft
Ferguson, Toledo Ohio: SDR35 $2.18 ft
Ace Hardware: Saline MI: SDR35 $4 foot
Lowes: Ann Arbor MIL: SDR35 $5 foot


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I've purchased thru Menards (closest to Detroit are in Jackson or Flint {} ). They keep 10' sections (teal blue-green in color) in the outdoor lumberyard. Just ask for 6" PVC drain pipe. They also have a very good selection of mating elbows, Wye's, connectors and reducers.